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Whether you’re looking to achieve more from your existing internal communications or are creating a plan for the very first time and need an accessible, user-friendly framework we’re here to help and share our know-how through our tools, resources, workshops and coaching. 


Refreshing Comms takes you through 3 steps for getting more engagement and positive action through better workplace connections: 

Step 1 - Awareness: Understand what makes people tick and recognising your employees as customers


Step 2 - Skills: Learn simple established marketing strategies and proven writing techniques to create consistent, compelling, purposeful and strategically focused messaging 


Step 3 - Action: Deliver smarter communication through an intelligently organised action plan aligned with your organisational values and business goals


And you've got choices! You can help yourself to 👇

Free tools & resources for self-learning

Ideal if you already work with an internal comms strategy but aren’t quite getting the results you want and would like some new thinking, tools and techniques to re-energise what you’re already doing. You’ll find these on the Resources & Blog pages.


Or if you want more direction, take a look here 👇


Perfect for those with partial or whole responsibility for the content and delivery of internal communications who are looking to improve their written communication skills and create a practical and user-friendly workplace comms strategy.


We’ll give you everything you need for creating a solid plan that you can deliver, embed and build on as an organisational asset that will appreciate in its value as your business grows.

Our customisable  Tools of Engagement© framework offers convenience, simplicity and scalability. So, if you're looking for somewhere to start or just curious to learn more, why not sign up for a REFRESH? 


The REFRESH Workshop:


R - Reframing The Workplace

E - Employee Engagement

F - Future Vision

R - Relatability

E - Employer Voice

S - Solution

H - Honing Your New Skills


Built around a model of Awareness → Skills → Action the workshop will give you a fresh new perspective on workplace communication as well as the all-important tools and techniques for writing persuasive and compelling internal comms. Then we'll show you how to put it all together in your very own customised Tools of Engagement © Framework and Action Plan so you can really get the ball rolling.   

If you'd like more information on the Refresh Workshop just hit the get in touch button at the bottom of the page. 


For something more in-house and personalised👇

Coaching & consultancy  

We provide in-company support for individuals or small teams. You may have a specific project in mind that could do with a comms boost or need guidance more generally. With both content and scope tailored to your needs we'll make sure every moment of coaching is time well spent with deliverables that help you meet your communication goals.   

For more information on coaching and consultancy, tap the get in touch button below & reach out.

👋 And if you’re curious about how we could help with your external branding and messaging as well, check out Alignment inside and out is a beautiful thing!

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