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Get to know Refreshing Comms

Hello! You're on the non-identical twin sister site of Blonde Creative Ltd - the brand strategy, creative copywriting studio helping businesses bring their brands to life, reach more of their ideal customers and make more sales. 

Refreshing Comms is our workplace focused high-impact offering, created to help you bring your internal communications to life through compelling, purposeful and strategically focused messaging. 

This isn't about questioning or replacing your business or people strategy. It's about helping you get so much more out of what you’ve already got - so you can optimise all the existing opportunities within your organisation while taking into account your future plans and challenges.  


Designed to give you insight, underpinning knowledge plus tools, techniques and formulas to make a bigger impact with your messaging in the workplace, you'll achieve greater employee engagement, experience less frustration and enjoy more positive results.


The book

Amazon #1 best seller Refreshing Comms is a super duper handy go-to resource for planning, writing and managing your internal communications. Find it online at Amazon, Waterstones and at your local book store. 







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A quick word from the creator of Refreshing Comms


Hi, I’m Liz


I've spent my career using the power of words to positively influence people and inspire action. From six figure fundraising projects to getting business leaders on board with community projects, it's been a blast. And I want to share what I know with you so you can enjoy the same success. 


It’s no surprise that internal communication can make or break a business. My own experience as CEO of an organisation transitioning through change while harbouring a toxic culture gave me first-hand insight into this truth. 


I went on to spend 10 years learning about and working in lean and business improvement -  assessing operational and workplace culture issues, advising MDs, senior operations and HR managers on options, and providing solutions through training and consultancy. And this is what I saw and know to be true:

The single biggest issue and blocker to progress is PEOPLE who aren't engaged enough to do what's needed. 

Fast-forward to my brand strategy and copywriting career, I've become pretty good at knowing how the right words can be used to engage an audience. So...


As Director of Blonde Creative Ltd and creator of Refreshing Comms, I now combine my business experience, communication know-how and creative thinking to help organisations of all types engage with their target audiences - whether customers or employees - through strategic positioning, powerful narrative and authentic messaging. 

And I'm a big believer in having some fun along the way. 

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