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Connecting people, purpose & strategy with feel-good
internal communication

Hello frustrated communicators! 


What if 👇

you only had to explain things once?  

your people worked *together* to tackle tasks more willingly?

you were the kind of communicator who gets the best out of people?

there was more of you left over for your family at the end of the working day?


Maybe 👇

you’ve started to doubt your people skills, feel frustrated or plain fed up


... and your employees are so disconnected from the bigger picture they're not feeling the vibe?  

Are you a leader, senior manager, HR professional or perhaps a communication practitioner needing to engage, persuade and inspire people into action?


The words and tone of voice you use in your written communications are key to landing your message in a way that gets the desired results. We’ll show you how to do it confidently. 


Taking a fresh approach to internal communications Refreshing Comms provides you with the know-how plus a simple framework and customisable, scaleable action plan for creating highly engaging, meaningful and strategic messaging. Whether you already have a comms strategy or are in need of one, you’re in the right place. 

Applying a simple but smart mix of ingredients - common sense, marketing strategy, proven copywriting formula and a sprinkling of business improvement techniques - you'll find yourself winning more employee buy-in through authentic and empowering comms.

Our Tools of Engagement© framework gives you an accessible, affordable and practical way to improve your workplace comms and build stronger employee and team relationships across your organisation.

Come unstuck

It’s a fact that most senior managers are untrained in internal communication, yet it’s the most powerful tool at your disposal.


In the absence of an internal comms team or employer brand strategy, it can be tricky to get your messaging just right. 


Headaches, frustrations, fire-fighting and people issues (costing time, money and precious headspace) are often rooted in poor communication that could have been avoided in the first place.


If you’re thinking “How can I possibly sort out internal communications in this organisation, I don’t have any credentials!” Think again…


We’ve captured everything you need to give you the impetus, rationale, know-how and solutions for great comms so you can get on and do something amazing.

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Great decision!

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