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The big conversations: priorities vs ROI

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

There are many reasons why getting your internal communications right is so

fundamentally important. Here’s just one.

In its report ‘The Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023’ Gartner revealed the

current priorities of HR leaders worldwide:

1. Human-centric leadership

2. Change management

3. Employee experience

4. Recruiting & onboarding

5. Securing future skills and talent

These are big conversations tackling very real issues, exacerbated by the

pandemic which has made people rethink their relationship with work. Less

willing to put up with a workplace culture or conditions that no longer meet their

needs (practical, emotional or psychological) or fit with their values, employees

and those just now entering the world of work are exercising their choices.

Now you might have noticed that this list doesn’t easily lend itself to

measurement. And we know that the further up the organisational hierarchy you

look, the greater the need for ROI data to inform top level decision-making. Let’s

face it, numbers make decisions an easier gig - they’re not subjective and don’t

require getting involved in all that messy, hard-to-quantify-the-value-of soft

people stuff.

Of course, the appropriate understanding and use of numbers - by which we

usually mean money - and the generating of profit is pretty key to an

organisation’s success! But focusing only on traditional, financially driven metrics

gives little insight into the appreciable effects of human influence on things

going well or badly for a company.

Meanwhile on the ground, the day to day running of the business relies on

effective communication and productive relationships which are rather tricky to

quantify in terms of ROI, but very real to experience.

Fact is, none of these 5 leadership priorities can be successfully achieved without

considering what people actually experience, which means establishing good

communication, developing productive relationships and diving into that messy

human stuff to find the solutions.

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