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Simply misunderstood

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

It’s easy to overlook the simple things. That’s because we tend to assume that

those simple things don’t really matter that much. We reassure ourselves that

these little things will either work themselves out or someone else will have the

time and initiative to pick up on the task instead.

So simple things end up neglected, while the more complicated matters remain

our top priority. I mean, do we really have time to waste on the stupidly obvious

small stuff?!

Take the task of getting back to someone when you say you will. But you don’t -

you got busy with something else (more important), so you never sent a reply

but hec, they’ll understand. Except it turns out they don’t…oops.

Or you agree to step in and chair a meeting when someone else is busy, without

bothering to get the lowdown first. But it bombs, because you didn’t know what

you didn't know - and neither did the ten people who turned up and wasted their

time. Holy crap…

Soon, by making a few innocent (lazy) decisions not to give or ask for simple

information, the easy things freefall into more difficult things. And now you have

yet another difficult thing to sort out on your growing priority list. So you skip over

the simple things that still need doing, and guess what? It starts all over again.


Bothering with daily tasks and ‘should do’s’ can be mundane but they’re the

scaffolding that stops things toppling down, the handrail that stops you falling

down a spiral staircase. Neglect the easy stuff and you’re in for a hard time.

Point? Systemise the simple to make the simple stuff even easier and you’ll find

you have less complicated things to deal with as a result. Win-win.

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