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Grab your hat, we're off to the races

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

If Logic and Emotion were racehorses, and were competing in the Decision-Making Derby, Emotion would win every race, with Logic coming in as a close second. It’s true. Sometimes it could be a photo finish, but the result will always announce Emotion as the one first over the line.

It’s just how us humans work, which is what makes us difficult to deal with sometimes! Once you understand that emotion trumps logic, and that our next step is finding the right logic to justify those emotions, you can see why feelings matter in the workplace.

This is good to know when you’re using internal communications to get your employees ‘over the line’ - whether it’s buying into a new idea, adopting a different way of working or agreeing to make some extra effort to get something done. Don’t overlook the feels!

So rather than betting on logic to win the day, if you remember that Emotion is the frontrunner in the race to the finish line, you can make sure your internal comms succeed in their quest and not be discounted as an also ran.

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