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Basic instinct

Gut feeling. Hits you in the solar plexus kind of thing. It’s pretty instant and hard to ignore. Relatable?

Sparking good or bad vibes, when it kicks in there’s no denying it makes you feel more alive. More aware, alert and tuned into what appears to be right or wrong about a situation. It's pure basic instinct of the human kind.

So what’s this got to do with internal comms? Well, everything. But let’s present it on two fronts:

  1. If the response to a message or announcement is a gut feeling of the dark kind then as an opportunity to connect, it’s failed. People’s bullsh*t antennae go up, suspicion kicks in and the relationship gap between sender and receiver enjoys yet another stretch in the wrong direction.

Whereas a positive response of the accepting kind, means that the shared, common ground has come across in a clear, authentic and meaningful way that is non-provoking to those antennae, builds trust and creates the right conditions for sender and receiver to work together to do something amazing.

And Basic Instinct 2?

  1. We go back to THE basics that matter - when life gets so complicated you don’t know which way is up, we instinctively crave the simple basics of life. In the workplace we want the feeling of being valued, having a purpose and a sense of belonging, being part of something bigger than ourselves, and having meaningful connection to our role, to our colleagues and to the organisation we work in. Common sense really. So why isn’t it commonplace? Because all too often the powerful and energising force of GOOD simple communication is overlooked in favour of the more complex. Weird.

It’s time for a Refresh! Use your basic instinct right now to tell it better and join the internal comms revolution 💪

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